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3d particle analysis
Size particle analysis
Liquid dispersion - Particle analysis
Dry dispersion - Particle analysis
Particle shape analysis
Particle counting - Particle analysis
Particle colour anlysis

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Laboratory, formulation, quality control, production control, research.
Our instruments offer you a multitude of applications in different domains

Protein aggregation

Protein aggregation

Particle concentration

Particle concentration

Shape analysis for dry powders

Shape analysis for dry powders

Shape analysis for liquid suspension

Shape analysis
for liquid suspension

Emulsion analysis

Emulsion analysis

Particle colour analysis

Particle colour analysis

3D particles characterisation

3D particles characterisation

Special customer development

Special customer development

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Product range
Liquid dispersion applications

Ipac 1

Protein aggregation measuring instrument from 400nm to 1mm

More info about Ipac 1

Ipac 2

Protein aggregation measuring instrument from 300nm to 1mm, with the new microchip cell.

More info about Ipac 2

Ipac 2 with integrated dispensing robot I New I

Fully automatized procedure for protein aggregation in up to 96 samples!

More info about Ipac 2 with integrated dispensing robot

Product range
Dry dispersion applications


Dry particle dispersion device

More info about VDD270

500nano XY 

From 400nm to mm range, dispersion surface 140mm

More info about 500 nano XY

Morpho3D I New I

Three dimensional size and shape analysis, from 500µm to 10mm, vibration and automated dispersion

More info about Morpho 3D

Product range

Occhio Calisto 3D

A proprietary software filled with customizable parameters and methods for comprehensive research and development style applications.

More info about Colisto 3D software

Occhio Granusize

A streamlined, user-friendly software requiring minimal team training or prior experience to rapidly analyze samples for size and shape distributions or sieve correlation.

More info about Callisto Granusize software

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