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Laboratory, formulation, quality control, production quality control, research. Our instruments offer you a multitude of applications in different domains. To see more examples, conducted by Occhio’s research team, along with the data and images collected, Click Here!

Particle colour analysis

Emulsion analysis

Shape analysis for liquid suspension

Shape analysis
for dry powders

Particle concentration

Sieving and production quality control

3D particles characterisation

Special customer development

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Product Range
Liquid Dispersion Instruments

Liquid dispersion particle size between 0.2µm and 3mm.

A suspension is created by the addition of particles into a medium such as water and an emulsion is made when two liquid mediums are combined which do not mix such as an oil and water mixture.

More info about Liquid Dispersion Instruments

Product Range
Powder Dispersion Instruments

Dry dispersion particle size between 0.2µm and 50mm

The dry phase covers a very wide range of samples from powders often less than a millimeter in size, to aggregates, from around 100µm to 10mm and even larger particles up to 5cm.

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Product Range

Callisto 3D and Granusize are the software created by Occhio and used with every Occhio instrument featuring a modern and intuitive interface, among the most advanced on the market.

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Product Range
Special Instruments

These are instruments developed for particular applications. The Sievecal for the verification and calibration of sieves according to ISO / ASTM standards, and the VDD270, an independent tool for the dispersion of powders on an external support (optical microscope glass or support for electron scanning microscope)

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