Ipac 2, particle characterization

Image analysis based instrument for liquid applications. Suspension density (particle counting), particles size and shape characterisation for protein aggregation applications (also emulsion, bacteria, liposomes, micro-algae).

Short overview:

Occhio ipac is the latest development in protein aggregation analysis. The instrument is the result of years of work on particles characterisation through image analysis, starting with our experience with the previous model (IPAC 1) we have improved and redesigned the instrument to better fit the protein field.

Ipac 2:

  • Ultra high resolution scientific grade sensor
  • Integrated syringe with the instrument to reduce tubing length
  • New microchip cell, easy to replace, perfect tube sealing through one simple operation.
  • Callisto 3D latest version software
  • Particle tracking analysis, 100% sample covering
  • 5 magnifications motorized lens (magnification integrated with the SOP)
  • Autofocus
  • Option: automatic dispensing robot

With Occhio ipac you can measure:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Particle concentration (particle counting)
  • Particle transparency

Related software

Data and images of every single particle are stored in an Occhio binary database. The instrument is driven by Callisto 3D software, which controls the entire analysis: ‘SOP’, statistic, reporting and data storages.

Main features:

Particle Size Range From 0.3µm to 1000µm
Sample flow Precise syringe
Cell type Microchip cell
Cell Thickness Variable thickness

Ipac 2 with automated dispensing robot

As requested in biopharma applications, the IPAC 2 can also work with an integrated dispensing robot, the target is to automatize the entire analysis procedure for more samples. The dispensing can be done on samples contained in a standard plate support or special customer support

The dispensing robot allows

  • Automatic dispensing
  • Sample homogenisation
  • Cleansing between each run
  • Data collection and storage from each run
  • Customisable plate support

Your benefits

  • Reduced working time and cost
  • Elimination of any operator errors
  • Automatization of the entire procedure (sampling, analysis, cleaning


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