Shape analysis for dry powders
Morphological characterisation of dry sample

The characterization of dry samples is a fundamental part in many production, manufacturing, and quality control assessments. Occhio offers you wide range of choices depending on your application and budget, beginning with the Scan 700. This model provides the largest sensor size, 20,000 by 20,000 pixels, and the widest range of accepted particle sizes, between 10µm and 50mm. We also offer several instruments for ultra-fine particles. The 500 Nano (dry particles only) and 500 Nano XY (wet and dry particles) offer an impressive dry mode particle size range between 0.2µm and 300µm.

These machines do far more than just take pictures! All our machines come with our patented Callisto software. This software allows us to interpret all the optical data by sorting and compiling it in a dedicated file for review and later reference if needed. Simultaneously, using the latest and most powerful morphological algorithm, data reports and graphs are created, eliminating the need for a manual report to be filed. There are dozens of reports to choose from, and because they are all done at the same time and automatically, the data and graphs can be seen in real time during the test and then complete immediately after test completion. There are many tests, but some of the most commonly used tests are: Roundness, satelite detection, abrassivness, particle density, particle length, particle wide, surface area of the particle, volume of the particle, number of particles, 3D imaging of the particle, etc…

The range of applications for these instruments is innumerable; however, we have conducted experiments to give you a short preview for some of the typical applications. If you would like to see the results of these experiments, please follow the link here, (experiments).  If you would like to read more about one of our instruments, please follow the links to the right or click here (instruments) to see Occhio’s compete line-up of instrumentation for biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.


  • Particle Elongation characterization, elongation, width, length, max distance, Feret min, Feret max, geodesic length, thickness
  • Particle surface characterisation, abrasivity, bluntness, roughness, satellit
  • Particles aggregation characterisation, solidity, convexity, circularit
  • Particle transparency characterisation, luminance (mean and RSD values): measurement of the transmitted light through the particle
  • Particle colour characterisation, red, green, blue channels (mean and RSD values
  • Particle inclusions characterisation, identification of inclusions with different colour on the surface of the particles

Zephyr ESR

Zephyr LDA

Morpho 3D

500 Nano

500 Nano XY

Scan 700

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