Particle colour analysis
Advanced particles characterization: colour analysis and inclusions identifications

This kind of color analysis allows you to look extremely closely as you sample, identifying subpopulations that are not normally visible, by using size and shape parameters.

In various applications, it is important to know the color of light reflected by a particle. This allows us to know the exact color of the particle and helps us to identify any inclusions on the particle’s surface. Occhio has developed an instrument with special support and lighting specifically designed to give you impressive contrast capabilities. Combined with color sensor Callisto 3D, this instrument uses the three-reference color channel (red, green, and blue) and is fully automated. Light intensity and camera settings are stored after the analysis. The color and inclusion analysis are added as standard size and shape data. Statistics and plots are available for the color parameter as well.

Morpho 3D - Particle colour analysis

Morpho 3D

500 Nano XY - Particle colour analysis

500 Nano XY

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