Abrasive property of industrial diamond - Particle analyser

Abrasive property of industrial diamond (Apn16-SD005)
Apn-16SD005 – Quality control of superabrasives

Super abrasives are strictly calibrated powders of which performances are critically linked to shape properties. Image analysis is a unique tool to monitor the mechanical separation of particles with different shapes. A systematic imaging of abrasive diamonds, separated into individual batches on a vibrating table, is easily achieved using the 500nanoXY granule morphometry. Further image analysis with our patented CALLISTO software allows accurate monitoring of the size and elongation statistics of individual grains within each section of the table. In addition, an exclusive shape processing algorithm is available to suit the abrasive industry’s needs and quantify angularity and abrasion power of particles!

Subtle evolutions from angular to more rounded particles are clearly shown for standard industrial diamond from a process control chart, based on abrasion index measurements, while no significant difference in size exists.

500nano XY - Particle analyzer

500nano XY

500 nano - Particle analyzer


For the analysis of dry powders with dispersion on a flat glass surface of 90 mm in diameter, particle size range between 0.2µm and 2mm. Supplied with integrated powder dispersion system. Size and shape analysis


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