The Callisto software ensures accurate powder characterisation with an automatic procedure including powder dispersion, analysis, data displays along with statistics and report generation

  • Calibration procedure of each instrument
  • Choose the best instrument for image analysis, employing accurate and robust parameters based on the latest development in mathematical morphology.
  • Carry out production with a very simple procedure wherever measurements are made
  • Compare different measurements
  • Share complete results with colleagues or clients who are connected to your network
  • Understand your production perfectly with individual ID CARD and images of each grain
  • Summarize measured parameters of hundreds of thousands of particles with a mouse click
  • Visualize your product in innovative morphological space
  • Print the report you have designed to fulfill your quality policy requirement
  • Correlate with other measurement methods, such as sieve or laser methods
  • CFR21 part 11 compliant

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