Dry pharmaceutical powders
Dispersion and Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

The active pharmaceutical ingredient is usually an extremely fragile and very transparent crystal. During the development process samples, even small ones, are expensive. Occhio has developed a completely new instrument that handles all the steps required to provide you with reliable measurements on smallest quantities of material.

The unrivalled Occhio disperser can gently disperse small amounts of API crystals without any breakage or product loss. This disperser module handles toxic ingredients without any risk to the operator.

The optic and the lighting system have been engineered especially for transparent crystals. Combined with a continuous autofocus, 500nanoXY takes contrasted and clear images of crystals.

The CFR21 part 11 compliant Callisto software computes all size and shape parameters useful for crystal characterization. It allows the user to compare different measurements, to filter files and to print clear and complete reports.

500 Nano XY - Dry pharmaceutical powders analysis

500 Nano XY

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