Analysis of tobacco samples

Analysis of tobacco (Apn16-SD007)
Analysis of tobacco samples

Tobacco leaves are cut into smaller strands for cigarette filler and the length of these strands can vary depending on the manufacturer’s production. Due to the difficulty of dispersing this kind of sample, light weight and agglomerating, the Zephyr ESR 2 is fitted with a special funnel to eliminate sample clogging and assure constant feeding from the primary vibrating dispersion to imaging area. It does this by using the vibrator integrated into the dispersion system in coordination with a sonar-like captor. The results are impressive. The funnel can support up to 200gr of tobacco and assure optimal feeding during the entire autonomic analysis.

The goal is to make the entire run without any operator support and guarantee reliable analysis.

Results show two different sample grades, short and long tobacco fibers. The final blend size distribution is an important point in final cigarette quality.

Zephyr ESR 2 - Analysis of tobacco samples

Zephyr ESR 2


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