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Precision Instruments
Instruments for the characterization of the size and shape of powders, aggregates, suspensions and emulsions


Occhio specializes in the manufacturing and development of measurement instruments for the characterization of the size and shape of powders, aggregates, suspensions and emulsions.

Our instruments use ISO compliant image analysis methods which allows the shape and size distribution of different types of samples to be calculated in a wide variety of applications.

Depending on the type of samples and the characterization needs requested by our customers, we can offer you cutting-edge software and instruments for:

  • Laboratory analyses
  • Quality Control
  • Production control
  • Research and development


Occhio’s success in various industrial application has given way to many technological advancements and instrument developments which are unique to Occhio. These advancements and experience has now been customized for the biotech industry, catering to the needs of cutting edge research and development teams as well as high production testing facilities.

Our Biotech Sector Specializes in the Following points; however this is only the tip of our knowledge!

  • Protein aggregate size and shape characterization
  • Bacteria Counting for antibiotic resistance testing
  • Pharmaceutical powder analysis
  • Microcrystal size and shape analyses

Multitudes of application
Laboratory, formulation, quality control, research

Our instruments offer you a multitude of applications in different domains: Sieving and production quality control, Particle concentration, Shape analysis for dry powder, Shape analysis for liquid suspension, Emulsion analysis, Particle colour analysis, Three dimensional particles characterisation, Special customer development, etc.

To see more examples, conducted by Occhio’s research team, along with the data and images collected, Click Here!

Particle colour analysis

Emulsion analysis

Shape analysis for liquid suspension

Shape analysis for
dry powders

Particle concentration

Sieving and production quality control

3D particles characterisation

Special customer development

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Multitude of applications
With Occhio you can measure

Precision Instruments
Dry and liquid dispersion instruments

Dry and powder dispersion
Dry / Powder Dispersion Instruments

Dry dispersion particle size between 0.2µm and 50mm.

The dry phase covers a very wide range of samples from powders often less than a millimeter in size, to aggregates, from around 100µm to 10mm and even larger particles up to 5cm.

Liquid dispersion
Liquid Dispersion Instruments

Liquid dispersion particle size between 0.2µm and 3mm.

A suspension is created by the addition of particles into a medium such as water and an emulsion is made when two liquid mediums are combined which do not mix such as an oil and water mixture.

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical products
Dry and liquid dispersion applications

Dry and powder dispersion

VDD270 (dry particle dispersion device), 500 nano XY dry powder (image analysis from 400nm to mm range, dispersion surface 140mm) and Morpho3D (Three dimensional size and shape analysis, from 500µm to 10mm).

Liquid dispersion

Ipac 1 (protein aggregation measuring instrument from 400nm to 1mm), Ipac 2 (protein aggregation measuring instrument from 300nm to 1mm, with the new microchip cell) and Ipac 2 with integrated dispensing robot (fully automatized procedure for protein aggregation in up to 96 samples).

Occhio News
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Morpho3D | New

Morpho3D | New

Image analysis technology for dry applications: particles size and shape characterisation with real 3D computing. Vibrating primary dispersion coupled with secondary conveyor belt drive.

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