Ipac 1, protein aggregation

An image analysis based instrument for liquid applications. It applies suspension density (particle counting), particles size and shape characterisation for protein aggregation applications (emulsion, protein, bacteria, liposomes, micro-algae)

Short overview

In biotechnological applications, the control of protein solutions stability is a key point for drug and vaccine formulation, storage, and handling. Protein aggregation occurs during and after the production process, high precision agglomerate quantification is the target of the IPAC 1.

A special flow cell allows for a perfect fit with any standard 1ml pipette tips to reduce any contaminations between two runs or during sample manipulation. Minimal reduction of the required suspension to run an analysis is a crucial point to study small protein samples. Thanks to the precision syringe and specific cell configuration the instrument is able to cover 90% of the analysed volume.

Sample flow is obtained by precision syringe pump integrated with the instrument. As in all the Occhio wet dispersion instruments, the flowcell core is supplied with different spacer thicknesses. The choice of an appropriate spacer delivers you sharper images and reduces sample dilution, which improves reliability of the measure.

With Occhio ipac you can measure:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Particle concentration (particle counting)
  • Particle transparency

Related software

Data and images of every single particle are stored in an Occhio binary database. The instrument is driven by Callisto software, which controls the entire analysis: ‘SOP’, statistic, reporting and data storages.

Main features

Particle size range From 0.4µm to 1000µm
Sample flow Precise syringe
Cell thickness Variables thickness

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