Particle characterization

Milled polyethylene characterisation (Apn16-SD002)
High density polyethylene powder characterisation

HDPE is used in various industrial applications from simple plastic bottles to more complexly structured materials. Characterization, size, shape, and distribution are key parts of quality control and determine powder behavior. The OCCHIO 500nano can help you gain a better understanding of your product during production or for final user application reports.

For these measurements we set a resolution of 800nm, dispersion is done directly by using the vacuum dispersing device integrated inside the instrument.

Mean particle size for this sample is 25µm. D10, D50, D90 are respectively 9, 22, 45 µm.

For coating applications is important to understand sample flowability; this property is directly related to the morphology of each individual particle. The bluntness parameter is an excellent estimator of this property.

500 Nano

For the analysis of dry powders with dispersion on a flat glass surface of 90 mm in diameter, particle size range between 0.2µm and 2mm. Supplied with integrated powder dispersion system. Size and shape analysis


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