Image analysis technology for liquid applications: particles counting, particles size and shape characterisation with integrated heating cell and beaker for high temperature applications. Liquid flow controlled by a precision syringe pump.

Instrument overview

Specially developed for liquid applications when the sample must be heated from ambient temperature up to 150°C. The instrument is equipped with a special stainless steel beaker where sample or solvent could be preheated before the analysis, the temperature can be easily set in an integrated PLC and maintained constant during the entire analysis. Two separate control loops assure constant temperature conditions in the beaker and in the cell. Temperature is measured by using the PT100 probe directly submerged in the sample.

Occhio FC200TC is fully computer controlled instrument. Sample flow is obtained through precision syringe pump integrated with the instrument. As all the Occhio wet dispersion instruments the flow cell core is supplied with different spacer thicknesses. The choice of an appropriate spacer, for a particular application, reduces the sample dilution and improves the reliability of the measurement. Occhio FC200TC is able to detect submicron particles and deliver you an unrivalled images quality. 

High resolution option ‘HR’

Image resolution is one of the key aspects of image analysis based instruments. Our HR option comes with an ultra high resolution sensor. This sensor offers you sharper imaging with only minor optical calibration.

With Occhio FC200TC you can measure:

  • Samples at different controlled temperatures (from ambient to 150°C)
  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Particle concentration (particle counting)
  • Particle transparency

Related software

Data and images of every single particle are stored in an Occhio binary database. The instrument is driven by Callisto 3D software, which controls the entire analysis: ‘SOP’, statistic, reporting and data storages.

Main features

Particle size range From 0.2µm to 1000µm     
Sample flowing Precision syringe
Cell thickness Variables thickness
Heating temperature Ambient to 150°C
Option External membrane pump module

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