Demonstration of the IPAC 2 AR organized by UCLL in collaboration with Occhio

This event, organized by UCLL RESEARCH & EXPERTISE in collaboration with Occhio, will demonstrate how the IPAC2 AR, an ultra-sensitive particle counter, can be used for a fast detection and quantification of microorganisms and how it can offer a solution for antimicrobial resistance.

During the first part of the event, a theoretical background about the features and the applications of the IPAC2 AR, are presented. Furthermore, insights on how to use the IPAC2 AR as a new, rapid and sensitive antimicrobial susceptibility test, are demonstrated.

In the second part, a practical session will take place in the lab to demonstrate how this new technology can determine the concentration of micro-organisms present in a liquid solution and how this can result in a fast antimicrobial resistance screening.

Interested ? June, 13th 2023 at UCLL Campus Gasthuisberg.

The IPAC2 AR for a fast detection and quantification of microorganisms | UCLL Research & Expertise